Wednesday, November 26, 2008


In Hindus, the wife is also called “vaamingini”. This word consist of 2 words i.e “vaaam” meaning “Left” and “angini" meaning “Part of body”. During marriage ceremony , symbolically space is given to wife at the left hand region of body of husband where human heart is situated. This is performed through sacred mantras. No religious ceremony is completed without the participation of wife. It is believe that half of the Punyas earn by the man is passed automatically to his wife. Though vice versa does not happen. As a exception of above rule, the wife should sit on the right side of a man at the time of Kanya Daan(marriage of daughter) and other religious sacrificial

Monday, October 27, 2008

Lakshmi Poojan

Lakshmi ,the daughter of the sage Bhrigu and took refuge in the ocean of milk due to involvement of curse. Lakshmi was reborn during the Churning of the Ocean. The amavasya of Kaartik month in lunar calendar is considered as the best night to perform the pooja for godess of wealth.
Step 1- Select the most auspicious muhurat for pooja. The “Praodosh kaal” with Sthir lagna is best time to perform the pooja. As per “Choghariya muhurat chart” it should be “shubh” or “laabh” choghariya.
Step 2- select the direction of pooja in North , East or North East.Spread a new red color cloth on a raised platform. Place the picture of godess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha with garland of flowers.
Step 3- On a clean plate, draw a ‘Ashta-Dal” lotus with kesar and chandan. Place a silver coin on it.
Step 4- Five pieces of ghee diyas (lamps) are lit in front of the deities. Place a kalash of
Water with “mauli” tied around it. Draw a swastika on it with “roli”.
Step 5- Apply tilak to lord Ganesha first and then godess lakshmi.
Step 6- Declaration ceremony or called “Sankalp” is to be performed holding rice,flower and water in hand. In which the name ,father’s name, Gotra, address is recited. After that offer the same in front of deity.
Step 7- Idol of godess Lakshmi is to be cleaned with panch-amrit(milk, curd, ghee (clarified butter), sugar & Honey)
Step 8- Generally 21 offerings are made as follows
a) Gangajal
b) Pachamrit
c) Rose scent
d) Mauli
e) Janeu
f) Roli
g) Rice
h) Termuric
i) Roli
j) Lotus
k) Dhoop
l) Lamp
m) Sweets
n) Dry fruit
o) Fruit
p) Paan
q) Supari
r) Laung/Elaichi
s) Coins
t) Batasha
u) Coconut

Step 9- “The sri suktam” mantras considered as the best for praying godess Lakshmi
Step 10- Perform the Aarti.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Jeetay Raho

Exactly one week before diwali, i.e. Ashtami tithi is considered very important. On this day mothers observe fast. This vrat is kept by mothers for the longevity of her sons. The fast begins at the sunrise and terminates after glimpse of moon in the evening. At that time prayers are offered to Ahoi mata. There is a legend behind it. In a village there lived a woman who had 7 sons. Once she decided to renovate her house. She went to forest to bring some soil. While digging a huge error she committed. Her axe fell on the den of cub and were killed. She returned home with the soil. But she got a rude shock when she found her seven sons dead at home. On advise she kept the fast with full devotion on the 8th tithi of kaartik month. Eventually she get back all her sons. Since then it is believe that a mother who kept fast on this day, deity protect her sons from ailments and grant longevity and good health.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Saubhagyavati Bhav!!!

In hindu marriage, husband is considered like a god for a woman. While matching horoscopes, a good astrologer do try to look for “Saubhagya(longevity of spouse)” in a female chart rather than giving stress on guna tally. For the longevity of married life, according to rituals, a bride has to make certain promises. She take vows
1)To devote fully to her husband.
2)To give respect to all the relatives of husband
3)Never ignore the household duties.
4)To be happy in all conditions provided by the husband
5)To speak pleasantly
6)To never waste resourses
7)To treat her husband like GOD.
8)To resolve the issues peacefully
9)To keep her husband content with humbleness
10)To never demand consideration .
Female is a swaroop of “Shakti”. She can single handedly ward off all the problems. All the blessings of god showers in the house where the bride keeps her promises made at the time of marriage in front of god Agni.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Danger Zone

In Janam Kundli there are some points or zones which are very sensitive. They are trouble causing points. One of such point is 64th Navamsha. Classics states that what
ever is the navamsha of the lagna, exactly the same navamsha of the 8th sign from the lagan is 64th navamsha. As a thumb rule the 4th sign from the navamsha lagna is the 64th navamsha. It is believe that the rule of 64th navamsha gives more better results from moon rather than lagna. So to understand the above concept easily follow the simple steps
1) Locate the position of Moon in Navamsha chart.
2) Count the 4th sign from that
3) Check the dasha of that lord.
The dasha of lord of 64th navamsha generally brings ill health. One thing is clear that 8th house from lagna holds important key because the 64th navamsha falls here.
Variation-2 Now in an interesting variation of the above rule one can fetch important results if the 64th navamsha of all planets is taken into account. For example when a planets transit in the 64th navamsha from the dasha/antardasha nath then the house which is own by the transiting planet will suffer.
Variation-3 In Lagna Kundli check the planets which are falling in 64th navamsha of any planet. Now when the dasha of the planet operates then the planets falling in 64th navamsha from it will suffer.
I have tried to give the parameter which I use often.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Buen Provecho!

As per Chanakya “The family of a person is indicated from his conduct,his language shows his country and his physique indicate his food”. According to Hinduism, food is a gift from God, it should be treated with great respect. Eating food is “Dev Kriya”. We pary God for the long life. As per astrology the maximum possible human life span is 120 years. But to live long one needs a good food. Our classics has mentioned various rules regarding food. It can be broadly classified as Sattvik(pure),Rajsik(hot), Taamsik(Intoxicated). A person accrue the quality of the food which he eats. As per Hinduism many rituals are associated with food. Food should be eaten in a clean place after performing “Aachman ceremony” to purify the food so that it could be offer to God before eating. Food should be offer to God,ancestors, old members and children first.
Very importantly always face towards North or east while eating. A food acquires poisonous property if one face towards south while eating. Also while eating one should clean its feet and never wear anything on the head. If one violates this rule it is equivalent to food eaten by ghosts. If any guest visit at the time of eating food , it is essential to offer him food first. It is believe that the following Gods-Dhaata,Prajapati,Indra, Agni,Vasus and Aryama- resides in guest when he eat food at the place of host. It is believe that if a guest get back to his home without food then he will take away all the results of good deeds of the owner with himself and leave his sins there at that place. The order of eating food according to taste should be as follows-sweet,salted,sour,bitter. One should eat solid food between two intake of liquids.The first 5 bites of the food are very important because the 5 praans of body namely prana, apana, vyana, udana, samanaya satiates from them. At the time of eating food the mind should be fully concentrated on food itself. Any physical acticity at the time if eating is highly dangerous to health. Food that consumes after sunset looses its nutrition value and it contributes only toxic acids to the body. So next time you go for a party then do take care!!!! Buen Provecho!!! a spanish way to say bon apetite

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Woh Saat Din

My moon is in 8th house, so it is natural for me to have an inborn fear from water since childhood. But my antardasha of 9th lord was strong enough to bring considerable changes in my life. On 16th of 2008 I decided to visit one of the most sacred place ,Haridwar with my family. It was holiday trip. Everyone was amazed in the society when they came to know about that I am going to Haridwar exclusively, that too for 7 days. It was the idea of my wife who is deeply attached with this place since childhood. My trip began with a good note. Kids were too excited to have a glimpse of river Ganga. Till that point I had mixed feelings due to fears which were looming because of water. It was day 2 when a strange things started to happen. It is a custom there to perform aarti of godess Ganga. It began after the sandhya kaal. More than lakhs of people were there to witness it. But they all were standing at the stairs besides river Ganga. Still it sounds unbelievable when I witness the aarti standing in the river at the feet of idol of godess Ganga . I was almost submerged in the water during the aarti. It was so thrilling to participate in pooja along with the family alone. But the story does not ends here. The very next night I saw my ancestors in the dream. In the dream they were trying to convey some message. I woke up in a flash. I was so terrified that I remained disturbed through out the day. After consulting elders I got a solution to my problem .I decided to perform the “Tarpan ceremony” for my ancestors. It is a special ceremony which is performed which signify the pacification of souls of ancestors. I contacted a Pandit. The time was running out because the sandhya period was about to be over and it is not advisable to perform the ceremony after the “sandhya kaal”. The pandit was genuine. He guided me properly. He recited special mantras. It was quite nervous moments for me as I could understand the meaning of them. Lastly he told me a hidden method to perform it while in “Punya Kshetra(sacred places)”. This was really interesting. After that I performed “Deep daan” ceremony. This gave me a lot of satisfaction because ancestors wait for their wards at the 7 punya kshetras to remember them. They came for blessings to their wards. Through dreams they convey their messages. As per Puraans it is very auspicious to do as much charity as possible in that region. According to lunar calendar, in Ashwin month there are 15 days which are dedicated to our ancestors. Also Amavasya tithi is ruled by “Pittras”, the ancestors. One should not forget them on these days. The whole trip was thrilling as every moment I spent there with my ancestors under the divine influence.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Sastaa aur Tikau

Various methods are use as remedy in astrology. Now a days people themselves trust on remedies which are expensive in nature. They accept them without logic. This factor is sufficient breeding ground for the astrologer who make millions by suggestion remedies which cost whopping amount. There is a method to pacify the ill effect of planet which cost very less. Our sages suggest to keep or wear the roots of plant associated with the concern planet. Following are the roots of tree associated with each planet

1 Sun- Roots of Bel

2 Moon- Roots of kheerni

3 Mars-Roots of Nagjivha/ananta moola

4 Mercury-Roots of Bidhara

5 Jupiter- Roots of Bhangi/margiva

6 Venus-Roots of Singhpuch/sarporva

7 Saturn- Roots of Vichoola/bichu

8 Rahu-Roots of White Chandan

9 Ketu-Roots of Aswagandha

But make sure that selection of planet should be done with utmost care and only after consulting a qualified astrologer.