Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Saubhagyavati Bhav!!!

In hindu marriage, husband is considered like a god for a woman. While matching horoscopes, a good astrologer do try to look for “Saubhagya(longevity of spouse)” in a female chart rather than giving stress on guna tally. For the longevity of married life, according to rituals, a bride has to make certain promises. She take vows
1)To devote fully to her husband.
2)To give respect to all the relatives of husband
3)Never ignore the household duties.
4)To be happy in all conditions provided by the husband
5)To speak pleasantly
6)To never waste resourses
7)To treat her husband like GOD.
8)To resolve the issues peacefully
9)To keep her husband content with humbleness
10)To never demand consideration .
Female is a swaroop of “Shakti”. She can single handedly ward off all the problems. All the blessings of god showers in the house where the bride keeps her promises made at the time of marriage in front of god Agni.

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