Saturday, June 28, 2008

Sastaa aur Tikau

Various methods are use as remedy in astrology. Now a days people themselves trust on remedies which are expensive in nature. They accept them without logic. This factor is sufficient breeding ground for the astrologer who make millions by suggestion remedies which cost whopping amount. There is a method to pacify the ill effect of planet which cost very less. Our sages suggest to keep or wear the roots of plant associated with the concern planet. Following are the roots of tree associated with each planet

1 Sun- Roots of Bel

2 Moon- Roots of kheerni

3 Mars-Roots of Nagjivha/ananta moola

4 Mercury-Roots of Bidhara

5 Jupiter- Roots of Bhangi/margiva

6 Venus-Roots of Singhpuch/sarporva

7 Saturn- Roots of Vichoola/bichu

8 Rahu-Roots of White Chandan

9 Ketu-Roots of Aswagandha

But make sure that selection of planet should be done with utmost care and only after consulting a qualified astrologer.

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