Sunday, October 19, 2008

Jeetay Raho

Exactly one week before diwali, i.e. Ashtami tithi is considered very important. On this day mothers observe fast. This vrat is kept by mothers for the longevity of her sons. The fast begins at the sunrise and terminates after glimpse of moon in the evening. At that time prayers are offered to Ahoi mata. There is a legend behind it. In a village there lived a woman who had 7 sons. Once she decided to renovate her house. She went to forest to bring some soil. While digging a huge error she committed. Her axe fell on the den of cub and were killed. She returned home with the soil. But she got a rude shock when she found her seven sons dead at home. On advise she kept the fast with full devotion on the 8th tithi of kaartik month. Eventually she get back all her sons. Since then it is believe that a mother who kept fast on this day, deity protect her sons from ailments and grant longevity and good health.


Shruti Tiwari Chhabra said...

Sumit ji can you tell if the mother of daughters can also keep it..I have been keeping it for my daughter since last 2 years.

Anonymous said...

Great Information Sumit Ji.