Monday, July 21, 2008

Buen Provecho!

As per Chanakya “The family of a person is indicated from his conduct,his language shows his country and his physique indicate his food”. According to Hinduism, food is a gift from God, it should be treated with great respect. Eating food is “Dev Kriya”. We pary God for the long life. As per astrology the maximum possible human life span is 120 years. But to live long one needs a good food. Our classics has mentioned various rules regarding food. It can be broadly classified as Sattvik(pure),Rajsik(hot), Taamsik(Intoxicated). A person accrue the quality of the food which he eats. As per Hinduism many rituals are associated with food. Food should be eaten in a clean place after performing “Aachman ceremony” to purify the food so that it could be offer to God before eating. Food should be offer to God,ancestors, old members and children first.
Very importantly always face towards North or east while eating. A food acquires poisonous property if one face towards south while eating. Also while eating one should clean its feet and never wear anything on the head. If one violates this rule it is equivalent to food eaten by ghosts. If any guest visit at the time of eating food , it is essential to offer him food first. It is believe that the following Gods-Dhaata,Prajapati,Indra, Agni,Vasus and Aryama- resides in guest when he eat food at the place of host. It is believe that if a guest get back to his home without food then he will take away all the results of good deeds of the owner with himself and leave his sins there at that place. The order of eating food according to taste should be as follows-sweet,salted,sour,bitter. One should eat solid food between two intake of liquids.The first 5 bites of the food are very important because the 5 praans of body namely prana, apana, vyana, udana, samanaya satiates from them. At the time of eating food the mind should be fully concentrated on food itself. Any physical acticity at the time if eating is highly dangerous to health. Food that consumes after sunset looses its nutrition value and it contributes only toxic acids to the body. So next time you go for a party then do take care!!!! Buen Provecho!!! a spanish way to say bon apetite

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