Thursday, February 5, 2009

The R factor

Now a days most of the horoscopes are made by computers. As compare to old charts which are hand made, the new charts give description of planet also. Sometimes the alphabet “R” is written in front of a planet. “R” means retrograde. We all know that the planets move in a linear direction. But due to difference in their relative speed which varies from time to time , sometimes they appear to move in a backward direction for a particular duration. This backward movement in astrology is called “Retrograde motion” of planet. Retrograde planets are the most mystical part of astrology. Some orthodox astrologers rarely pay attention towards this state and jumps into conclusion straightaway. Without taking the “Retrograde” state of planet into account any prediction could be misleading. An astrologer has to use all his experience of studies and intuition before arriving at any result regarding retrograde planets. No doubt when a planet is retrograde in natal chart, then its behavior is not normal. It is debatable weather the benefic planet will become more benefic or not.
For example when a 7th lord or house is under the effect of retrograde planets then it causes delays(a kind of abnormality!). The more the number, the greater is the delay. In the following chart the 7th lord is retrograde. This causes abnormal delay in the marriage.

Similarly, when a dashanath or antardashanth becomes retrograde in transit then it may suspend the outcome of a particular result. The Retrograde planets holds key in medical astrology and they have to be interpreted carefully.

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