Monday, January 12, 2009


No doubt, no one can alter the destiny. But with some proper remedy one can mitigate the ill effects of planets. Matching a horoscope is one of the most challenging job for an astrologer because it involves the lives of two partners. Technology has made the task of an astrologer a bit easier as far as calculation part is concern. At this point an astrologer uses all his logic, rules, experience, intution and divinity. This makes all the difference in the outcome. But in actual practice, the boy or girl himself match the horoscope on the basis of computer and then approach the astrologer after completing other formalities. Here the problem begins leading to total confusion for themselves. Some times good match has to abandon or a bad match is falsely considered good. In the following horoscopes boy himself matches the chart with girl’s horoscope with the help of computer showing 26 guna points, which was good from the bench mark. When he approached me I warned him about his mistake. But it was too late. He was so annoyed with me that he did not even followed the remedies suggested. This marriage proved disastrous.



Another aspect of this problem arises when people straight away asked the question to pandit wether the person is manglik or not and himself make the decision with in few minutes . People tends to influence the decision of astrologer by listening only those words which they like. Interestingly , they are more interested in the horoscope of other partner rather than own. I think that if one don’t believe in astrology or astrologer then one should never approach him, after all it is “Dev-vidya” which he is using . Astrologer is a “Devagya(देवज्ञ )” and not “Sarvagya(सर्वज्ञ )”. So let the nature do its own job !

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