Sunday, February 15, 2009

Pavitra Snaan

Eclipse holds very importance in Indian society from religious point of view whether it is solar eclipse or lunar eclipse. Its importance can be observed from the fact that even the temples are also closed during the period of eclipse. Its effects are to be considered at the places where it is visible. The duration of eclipse is called “ Parva-Kaal”. It is considered very auspicious to perform Tarpan ,donation and chanting holy mantras during eclipse. At the end of eclipse sacred bath is considered very important. Though practically it is not feasible to visit holy places for religious bath but there is a substitute for this also.
1) In case of Solar Eclipse take a bath with mixing petals of lotus flower,honey,shrub of shami tree,durva grass,barley
2) In case of Lunar Eclipse take a bath with til,kesar,shrub of deodar tree,durva grass,Naagkesar
It is rightly said " मन चंगा तो कठोती में गंगा "

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